How To Use Makeup Primer

how to use makeup primer

    how to
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  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament

  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance

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Outside during daylight

Outside during daylight

Outside during daylight

Just a little warning, maybe no need for it, since you probably know how I like to write about my adventures for long and long, cut into several pieces each long on its own.
And this won't be different. So be prepared to read, jejejeje. Now to my storytelling.

Saturday morning I jump in the car, driving around, the jungle to my right, the sea to my left, the road to Merida to the front. Just a little stop to go by Campeche to pick up my partner in dance Vannessa.
Arriving to Merida, oh the scary part, the city is full of military vehicles, soldiers, federal agents, police cars, and lots of security people. Apparently some president from some country was visiting the city.
Panic time??? Not really, I was already there, so just needed to be little more cautious and less nervous. The plan to have a nice and fun time girl mode was going to be, no matter what or who. Jejej, Me sounds so brave on that last sentence, but in reality I was a bit scared.
So after a little worry because of the rain in the cty, and getting something to eat, finding a hotel to stay, it was time for Jessica to appear and get all ready to go out.

On advice to my friend Fernanda, who was going to go out with me during the afternoon, I was to wear long skirt, light colors, a more natural "not so heavy" makeup, trying to look the more natural I could. So the option was the green-blue outfit.
First scary part, how to do my make-up light, not so flashy. I tried to go easy on tthe make-up base, use light color on lip and eyes, when finished I felt like it was not enough, that I needed more to hide myself, but left it as it was.
Then my friend arrived, a few test to see how I walked, how I sit, how I talk, to tell my friend Vanessa (who was not going) I was already going out, and there outside to real world, to walk among the humans.
And at a time where there was still sunlight (yesterdays pic), well sunlight didn't kill me, so a vampire I am not. Of course all nervous, I was there to be seen by the people of Merida, witouth the safe of darkness.
Then up to my friend car, a little rest, a little hidding, and going into a coffee place, to have a nice chat. First place, mm it was closed, surrounded by soldiers. So to a ddiferent one we went.

And there in the parking lot, the last moment of safety, it was time to go down the car, to walk into a new experience, to face the real people.
Would I be able to?? Or would I show up all shaking in nervousness, o even worst faint of panic.
Would I pass as a girl?? Would they notice something weird without knowing what it was ??? Or would the people realize the truth under that appereance???
And if they notice, what would be their reaction??? Would they laugh at me?? Would they deny us to go in??? would they say something?? would they just ignore the fact and treat me like another costumer???

All those doubt, should I really go down the car and face all those posibilities????

Bye for today

Jessica, panic girl.

Afuera durante la luz del dia

Solo una pequena advertencia, aunque quiza ni sea necesaria, pues probablemente ya saben como me encanta escribir mis aventuras en cronicas larguisisisissimas, en muchos pedacitos igual de larguitos.
Y pues claro, esta vez no sera diferente, asi que preparos a leer mucho, jejejeje, y ahi va la historia.

Sabado por la manana, me subo a mi coche, manejando con la selva a mi derecha, el mar a mi izquierda, y el camino a Merda al frente. Solo una pequena parada para pasar por campeche a recoger a mi complice de baile Vanessa.
Llegando a Merida, oh cosa de meido, la ciudad estaba llena de soldados, vehiculos militares, agentes federales, autos de policia y mucha gente de seguridad. Aparentemente algun presidente de algun pais andaba visitando la ciudad.
Tiempo para panico??? Pues no realmente, digo ya estaba ahi, solo era ser mas cuidadosa y menos nerviosa. El plan era tener un sabado agradable y divertido como nina, sin importan que o quien. jejeje, sueno como muy valiente con esa ultima oracion, pero realmente si tenia algo de miedito.
Y pues una pequena preocupacion por la lluvia en la ciudad, tras comer algo ligerito, y encontrar un hotel donde establecernos, fue momento para que Jessica hiciera su aparicion, lista para salir.

Mi amiga Fernanda, con quien iba a salir, me recomendo, que para la salida por la tardecita, pues usara una falda mas larguita, colores suaves, y un maquillado mas natural, no "tan exagerado", tratarme de ver lo mas natural posible, la opcion aunque fuera casi repeticion, el atuendo verde-azul.
Primer parte preocupante, y como diantres aplico un maquillaje ligero, no tan llamativo. Trate de no pasarme de cantidad con las bases, usar colores suaves en los labios y ojos. Pero al terminar seguia sintiendo que no era suficiente, , que necesita el doble o triple de lo que llevaba para poder ocultar el otro rostro, pero hubo que dejarlo asi.
Y entonce

Seamless white Backdrop Install Time Lapse

Seamless white Backdrop Install Time Lapse

Today we hung the Giant Backdrop for my new Studio. I used my Canon 40D with the Tokina Lens to do a time lapse. the backdrop is a 42 foot continuous piece of vinyl flooring. We laid it out and painted the back with 3 coats of flat white primer.

From there we sandwiched the vinyl between 2 12 foot sections of 2x4 and inserted a total of 5 2in diameter 4 1/2 inch long lag bolts joining the two pieces together.

From there we rigged 2 pulleys to the rafters and attached the rope to the board and hoisted it up till we were where we wanted to be. We then secured the rope to the back wall with lag hooks. We will move the lag hooks to the floor because we are building a 12 foot long by 7 foot wide dressing/makeup room behind the backdrop.

Its not adjusted yet and the right side has a sharper transition then the left side but that will be fixed once I get back up to the studio.

It was relatively easy to do and with enough people the job went smoothly. I will post test shots later but from what I tested yesterday the end result is beautiful.

Total cost was under 500.00
407.00 for vinyl
30.00 for paint
40 for rope and pulleys
10.00 for hardware.
10.00 wood.

For those of you wondering.

The ceilings are 20 feet high
the whole studio is 2200 sq. feet
shooting area is 25x48
big office up front and office upstairs in front.
10 foot by 12foot high garage door in front.

Not bad!!!!

how to use makeup primer

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