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girl makeup games online

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[23/365] Tradition

[23/365] Tradition

Heyy there. I was a good girl and didn't forget to upload today.
Pretty intense photo? I think so!
Inspiration came today because I have this tradition. I make a CD for my friend Amanda and give it to her at the end of the year. We've been doing this ever since 6th grade. So this is her CD and it has a lame name "It's just kinda really tradition" so that's why I called today's upload Tradition. Lame, I know :) But yea, I always include the soundtrack list which I'm working on right now. Oh, another tradition that I have is that my family and usually my cousin's family or my best friend Sachi's family, we all go to Ocean City / Chincoteague every summer and sadly that might not happen this year. My cousins (actually both families of cousins) are going to Hawaii (SO JEALOUS!!! always wanted to go there!) and Sachi's fam is going to India later in August. Plus we didn't start looking for hotels until now so they're all booked. womp womp :( We always stay at the Hilton Beachfront with the amazing pool which has a slidee + whirlpool. Anyways, we're trying to see if any other hotel will have us anytime this summer. Hopefully it will because otherwise I'll be stuck here the whole entire summer while people go off to places and camps (*cough cough* Elizabeth *cough cough*)

It's..........SUMMER!!!! Technically, I'm going to school tomorrow, but they're not taking attendance and it's not required. I'm just going because....I really don't know. It's one of my friend's last couple of days because she's moving, but I'll see her before then because she lives in my neighborhood. Other people I'm not going to be able to see though because they're going away for the whole summer. And I don't know, today definitely did NOT feel like the last day of school. Plus I still had stupid exams, so I am not leaving my freshman year with today being my last day. I mean it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't like THE END.

I had a gym final this morning (stupid I know...). We were out on the tennis courts and why we couldn't have done it inside, I have no idea. Also, this was our second part of the final. The first part was online. Afterwards, we cleaned out our gym lockers and then went to the Sports Medicine room for a treat. Earlier in the year we'd helped out this one kid during the Dance Unit and our teacher was thoroughly surprised with us and thought it was really respectful and mature of us. She told a bunch of those people high up in the school system a.k.a. the principal and the administrators. So she tried to get us pizza (but what pizza place is going to deliver at like 8:30 in the morning?) so we got donuts instead. Several helpings hahaha. And then we ended our last gym class with a group hug. The type of moment that makes you go awwww :D The french final was actually not easy...and afterwards I organized about 60 textbooks with Patrick. Going to miss our crazy french class and Madame Moran and sitting next to Maddy.

Came home, watched the replay of the end of the USA vs Algeria game. WE WON!!! It was a pretty tight goal too :) USA WINS GROUP C!!!!! after that wicked excitement, I slept (this is becoming a habit...), woke up, watched part of the Ghana vs. Germany replay. Going to school tomorrow and I'm disappointed with the lack of pictures I've taken so hopefully I'll have tons tomorrow. I mean what else am I going to do in the gym for three hours? :) My friend is determined to get a picture of me and this other kid together. I doubt it's going to happen and she will be VERY frustrated haahaha. Eww then I have to go to the dentist AGAIN. They decided to keep it with the plastic retainer so it's ready and I have to go try it out :P My tooth is wayy outta line already and I can already see myself being yelled at by that horrible orthodontist lady. But what am I supposed to do?! I accidentally left my old retainer at IHOP on Sunday :'( After that I have a dance rehearsal. Full costume, full jewelry, thankfully no makeup. But I needs a whole lot of more practice by 7 tomorrow :/

This is most definitely long enough for today :) Laterrr

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010.
End of Day 23.

You Looking at Something?

You Looking at Something?

Alright, story time.

It has come to my attention that I am a magnet for creepy men. Sure, some 'normal' guys might glance my way from time to time. The majority of the time, though, it seems to be ones that can be categorized under 'creepy' that look at me and they are the only ones who openly hit on me.

I'll be walking downtown, pretending to use my cell phone to keep the creepers away, and a man twice my age just lounging against a building will say 'Hey! Wanna give me your number? Then I'LL give you a call.' No joke, that really happened one day.

I can be walking to the bus stop and three older guys can be sitting in an alley, smoking something, and 'hey, lady!' me.

Or, I'll be at the library and a kid, 16 at the oldest, will ask me question after random personal question before inviting me to learn to play an online role playing game with him.

So, yes. That's why I titled this as I did. Sometimes I just want to stop, stare confidently right back and ask them what they're oogling. The days in question, it seems as if I'm not even trying to look good... jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup... makes me wonder what would happen if I went out looking like this. Heh... I probably don't want to find out. :P

girl makeup games online

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